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JULY 21, 2020
No. 2
“You are not a profession that has distinguished itself by your social and civic contributions to the cause of civil rights . . . You are most distinguished by your thunderous silence” [1]. When the AIA brought Whitney Young, a renowned African-
American architect, to the 1968 American Insitute of Architects’ National Convention, they did not expect to be called out in such a way... 
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T A K E   A C T I O N
  Black designers that shaped history   
Books & articles to read
How to Kill a City, The Color of Law, Naming, Renaming, and Rethinking History
 If you are a design professional in a leadership position, start advancement programs for new black designers.
Tweet @NAABNews calling for constant improvements in diversity with the hashtag #nogainthrumaintain #change55 Copy our tweet below!
 Work alongside movements such as Defund the Police and Black Lives Matter to promote civic engagement and enable systemic change.
♦ Organize community advocacy groups of diverse backgrounds to foster equitable advancement for the built environment.
 Firms led by designers of color
♦ Donate time and resources to the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA)
J O I N   O U R   T E A M
We are looking for diverse, driven, and curious individuals to join our team! Roles are available in areas ranging from research to finance, check out our website or LinkedIn for more information. 
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